Things I never thought I would say to my kids

Last night, Emmett was carrying around 3 pieces of cold pizza.  While eating one piece with his left hand, he was scratching his crotch with the two other pieces in his right hand. 

Without even thinking about what I was saying, I said: “Emmett, stop scratching your crotch wit your pizza.”

Only afterwards, did I realize the craziness of what I had just said.  🙂

Have you ever said anything to your child that you never thought you would ever say? Please share, we could all use a laugh.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Oh yeah. My son was about 2 and we have always had issues with him and wearing clothes. One night we were trying to have a family dinner and he kept climbing on the table. At one point he had taken off his diaper and was rubbing himself all over the table. I literally had to exclaim Gavin get your pee pee off the table. I am so sure there are so many things I have said over my lifetime.


lol and yes…ok you just scratched your butt, don’t touch your food!!


licking comes to mind a lot. We do not lick the bottom of the yogurt in the store. We do not lick the cart. We do not pet children’s hair whom we have not met yet. We do not sit on laptops to warm our behinds.


lol yes, always. can’t think of any off the bat though… on a 3 day marathon of not sleeping.