Reframing: Creative solutions to #Autism related challenges -

Reframing: Creative solutions to #Autism related challenges

I mentioned last night that Elliott has to go to the doctors because he’s getting sicker and with him having asthma, we have to be very careful.

We also have to be careful how we present to him that he’s going to the doctors as he has significant anxiety issues and doctors are at the very top of that list.

This morning when  I broke the news to him that he was going to see the doctor today, panic immediately set in. 
In an attempt to reframe this situation and help him feel better about going, I changed my approach. I had already assured him that there would be no shots or bloodwork. They just need to make sure that he’s not developing bronchitis or pneumonia. 

When telling the truth didn’t make him feel better or calm his anxiety, I tried a different approach.  I reframe the reason for the appointment and he has relaxed.

I told him that because he’s sick and needs to be home from school for so long, we need a note from his doctor so that we don’t get in trouble for not sending him to school.  Before we can get the note, the doctor needs to check him out real quick, just to make sure he’s really sick. 

All of a sudden,  Elliott was like “oh……okay”.

That was it.

Hopefully this will hold true as we actually leave and get closer to the physical building. 

In all my years of special needs parenting, I’ve found that the creative solutions seems to work the best. 

Hope this helps.  🙂

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