The boys had a pretty good visit with their Mom

I can’t say enough about just how far we’ve come in the last 20 months or so, in regards to the boys visiting with their Mom.  I feel like we’ve finally found our groove and things are going much more smoothly. 

Tonight was the first visit on the new schedule and it appears that the boys did really well.

We’re not totally out of the woods because the fallout may come in the next few days or even later.  That being said, everyone had a good time and I didn’t hear a single complaint.  That’s something that I’m so grateful for.  All I want is for this to go well for the boys. 

Read This  No sleep for the exhausted 

It also wouldn’t hurt to have things a bit easier for myself as well. 

At the risk of totally jinxing myself, I’m feeling pretty good about this…. ☺