Operation Hope: The push for residential care begins -

Operation Hope: The push for residential care begins

This morning, we will be meeting with Wraparound and attempting to pull off the impossible.  I will be leading this meeting and we will not be leaving that room until every last one of us is on the same goddamm page.

It’s become painfully obvious that not everyone is on  the same page and that’s going to change, beginning this morning. 


Here’s how this is going to work.  Your either with us or your against us.

Sure, that probably sounds dramatic but unfortunately, it’s become a necessary evil because not everyone recognizes that Gavin has significant problems and needs way more help than he can get at home.

I feel like this lack of unity is delaying any progress on the funding front and I’m  done playing nice. 

Anyone who is involved in Operation Hope and does not have Gavin’s best interest at heart, will be removed.

The reason this is necessary is because if we don’t all accept the facts involved in this case and stop pretending that Gavin is the victim here, we will never be able to get him the help he needs.

I fully realize how difficult it can be to accept the fact that Gavin has no conscience and doesn’t really care about anyone but himself, but this is a fact.  This doesn’t mean that Gavin is a bad person, it means that Gavin’s brain has a few wiring issues and these issues dictate who he is and what he does. 

Please wish us luck as we attempt to squeeze oil out of a turnip and find the funding necessary to get Gavin the help that he needs. 

This is not really an Autism thing.  This is a reactive attachment, schizoaffective, bipolar and Odd thing. 

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For more ways to help the Lost and Tired family, please visit Help the Lost and Tired Family.

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OnyxPanthyr MBee Melisssssa jjean3940 TrishMorrin
Thanks everyone for the support. The meeting was a big success and you can watch the video in a new post.
Thanks again


Best of luck!  Go get em!


I’ll be thinking of you today.  Prayers for you and everyone at the meeting.  May God give everyone effective words and open hearts.


After watching your video the other day, placement for him really seems like his (and your family’s) best option.  You were put in an impossible situation and this clearly is the best resolution.  Hope you can get everyone on the same page!


put on you sh*t kicking shoes and go get em!  Thinking of you all…


Im with you!!!!!


All the best for today at your meeting Rob and Lizzie. I hope you get Gavin the help he needs. Thinking of you guys.. Trish…


TrishMorrin thank you. I’ll let you folks know how it goes.


I wish you all the luck in the world getting Gavin the help he needs. Your whole family will be in my prayers this morning.


shawneerenee31 thanks. I appreciate it 🙂

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