The Emotional Hangover

I was trying to describe what we were all going through, since Gavin left the other day. Lizze in particular is the most profoundly affected by this and has basically been sleeping all day.

One of my newest readers had an excellent comment on that post and she explained how she could relate to Lizze. 


She called what Lizze was experiencing, an emotional hangover.

What an amazingly accurate description.  I shared the comment with Lizze and she was elated that someone was able to relate to what she was experiencing. She was really happy to be able to put a descriptive phrase to what she was experiencing.

What we will forever dub as the emotional hangover is basically when you have experienced something good or bad, that was so completely emotionally draining that you are physically unable to function and need to literally sleep it off.

It really is very similar to the traditional hangover you get from to much fun the night before.  Your body is drained and you feel like crap.

That’s what Lizze has been trying to recover from. 

She’s been on am emotional roller coaster all week and is now paying the price. 

Hopefully, she will feel better as the weekend continues.  I’m going to try and let her get as much sleep as she can right now.  That’s easier said than done because I’m already juggling far too many things and need all the help I can get. I will however, do my best to not need her as much as possible.

She just needs some time to unwind and rest and she should be a leader to shake this emotional hangover.

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