The magic of redirection

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I wrote in an earlier post about how hard of a time Emmett has been having this past weekend. We tried taking advantage of the almost 70°F weather and got both him and Elliott to the playground.

That worked for a short time but once we left, things went down hill again.

After we got home, I decided to try redirecting Emmett by taking him and the tortoise outside in the the yard.  It was warm enough for a short trip for our yet to be officially named Russian Tortoise.

Emmett actually had a good time and enjoyed watching him crawl around  in the grass. 

Emmett informed me that he wanted to get fast candy for Christmas.  I asked him what that was and he explained that it’s a power up for the tortoise. It would help him to move really fast.  🙂

I love the way his mind works.   Redirection was a success..


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Needs a good Russian name:  Dmitri, Vladimir, Boris, Vanya, Alexandr, Nikolai, Ivan, …just some suggestions.


AlanaJulianaSheldahl I know. I kinda like Ivan……. I’ll have to share that with the boys and see what they think. Thanks 🙂