When to worry and when to wait -

When to worry and when to wait

Lizze and I have been noticing that Elliott has been spelling his own name wrong. I’m not quite sure what to make of this.  We’ve had our concerns about dyslexia in the past because he was writing his letters backwards.

He doesn’t realize that he’s doing this and gets upset if we ask him about it.

Maybe he’s just working too fast?  I’m not really sure.

This is one of those things that we’ll keep an eye on and stay in touch with his teacher before we really worry too much about it. 

Any of your kids all of a sudden begin spelling their own name wrong?



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I worry about my third daughter and dyslexia. She just turned 7 2 weeks ago. The basic rule is waiting until they are well into 2nd grade to start looking at it seriously. Not only does she write the classic letter and numbers backwards she has a difficult time with reading her blends and switching letter sounds. she will say cluez for clues and further down the page she will say clusey for clues. We are taking the wait and see method for her as well. She also gets easily overwhelmed when there is a lot of information on the page like 25 math facts and a whole page of words.


JenniferWhynott I certainly understand. Hang in there. 🙂


The way I am, I always mention things I notice about Sayge to her occupational therapist or pediatrician as soon as I notice it.  Its not that I necessarily want her to have a problem or a diagnosis, it’s more for the fact that if there is a problem I like to take care of it BEFORE it gets let go for too long and she starts struggling too much with it.  If that happens then it will discourage her from school, etc.  I don’t want that to happen.  Some people may say I am crazy or over-observant whatever they want to say, but I say you can never be too careful when it comes to kids…especially when it comes to something that could interfere with their education.  So I would say maybe just mention this to one of his specialists and see what they say.  I’m like you, I would rather there NOT be a diagnosis/problem, but if there absolutely has to be I would like to find out sooner rather than later 🙂  Love you guys! <3


MikeNYvetteKennedy very well said. Well love you guys too. 🙂


Was he spelling his name correctly before this?
If so, it’s not dyslexia…. even t though I know you’d like to put a diagnosis on it.


murry6 not sure how to take your comment? It’s not about a diagnosis at all. I’d rather their not be one. It’s simply about identifying a problem and ensuring that he gets any needed help.
He’s always spelled his name correctly. He does invert letters on occasion but I believe that’s still age appropriate and not anything to worry about, so we don’t. 🙂


lostandtired murry6
Not sure what you “don’t know how to take”…
I’m assuming that if something is wrong, you’d like to know what it is so it can be addressed.


murry6 lostandtired sorry. I had a few people attack me lately and I’m a bit overly sensitive right now. I mistook you “even though I know you’d like to put a diagnosis on it”.
My apologies 🙂

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