Pulling double duty -

Pulling double duty

My boys are pretty sensitive when it comes to sensory related things. We typically have to be careful to avoid overstimulation when at all possible..

This past Christmas, after we switched the boys rooms around and moved Elliott and Emmett in together, we needed a new nightlight.

While we are looking for a few last minute gifts for the boys, we wanted something for Gavin’s room and something for the other boys room. We found this clock at Walmart and decided it was perfect for Elliott and Emmett.

Gavin wanted an alarm clock and so this wouldn’t work for him.Β 

It serves a dual purpose.

It’s cast a very soft florescent glow that the boys love plus, it’s helping both Elliott and Emmett to learn about telling time.

They can both read a digital clock but we also want them to practice with an analog one as well. This clock has been perfect.

It’s not often that we can find something like this that can do double duty and address a sensory issue as well as an educational and life skills one.Β  πŸ™‚


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