When things don’t go as planned

One of the things that are very difficult for a person with Autism is when something doesn’t go as planned.  Something like a disruption in their routine can be devastating.

I wanted discuss what we do when something like this happens. How do we provide comfort? How do we help them calm down if they are melting down?

I’m interested in learning from all of your personal experience and using that to help others. 

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I was just going to say the same thing- if someone has the solution pulease let me know.  If we are in the car and turn a different way than normal it has the potential to be a disaster!  Never mind something actually significant!


jjean3940 I totally hear you. If I take a different way home from school, it freaks my kids out.


jjean3940 My god, that bothers the heck out of me too! My boyfriend’s dad NEVER listens when he drives and we try to direct him, and we always manage to get off track on the way to any place. And until we get turned the right way around I just sit frozen in place thinking “Ohgodwearegoingthewrongwaywearegoingthewrongwaywearegoingthewrongway.”


This is kind of on topic:  My son usually goes to his psychologist after I pick him up from his PCA.  Well, yesterday he was home on spring break with his sister and I needed to bring him to the psychologist–not happening!  No way was he going.  I chalked it up to he normally goes when his schedule is all on track, and it isn’t this week, so he wasn’t going.  No amount of persuading would help.  I had to call and cancel at the  very last minute – not good.  When my son has a disruption to his normal schedule all hell breakes loose.  If there was a sub at school that day, he was able to stay home (in his IEP), as a different teacher really threw things out of whack.  He is getting a little bit better, but it’s still there.  I honestly don’t have an answer for you, I wish I had one for me, too, but I haven’t found one yet to how to get them on track when their schedule is disrputed.  It’s just another sucky thing we learn to live with.


eeyorekitty88 I can totally and completely relate. I think that simply sharing our experience is a start and is a great way of everyone working together to help each other out.