It’s going to be an incredibly long day and I’m already exhausted

I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed right now. We made it to the Cleveland Clinic without any problems other than a minor detour. Gavin is checked in, and we’re waiting our turn.

The paperwork was a bit overwhelming because of Gavin’s history being so extensive. It’s a lot of information to squeeze into a tiny space, and I eventually gave up. They’re going to go over everything again in our initial interview this afternoon anyway, so we’ll clean that up then if need be.

Gavin’s in a really good mood, and he remembers being here previously. He also remembers how badly it went the last time.

He feels that he’s older now and should be able to handle these questions without much of a problem. I think that’s a great attitude and I’m proud of him for having it.

If memory serves, we’re looking at about three hours of testing. That means three hours in these less than comfortable chairs for me. 🤣

Assuming everything goes well, we might make it back in time to get to therapy tonight. I seriously doubt that though because we’ve already about thirty-five minutes behind.

Today is going to be a deluge of Gavin related information, and I really like information because it helps me to help him better.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Maybe Lizze and the younger boys could go without you and Gavin. That way Pattie doesn’t end up with a wasted hour and splitting things up might do everyone some good because it gives them more time and specialized attention.


Could Lizzie take Elliott and Emmett to therapy since you and Gavin will be busy?