Towers of Jello and Meltdowns

Towers of Jello and Meltdowns

Emmett’s not in the best of places today to start with because he has hit another cycle of fevers and cold sores.

We are basically going from one meltdown to the next. 

The last one was over a tower of Jello he created from all the Jello cups I bought for him last night.  He couldn’t decide which one he wanted so he unloaded them,  from the fridge,  in groups of two.

He’s very particular about things like this. Numbers and patterns,  colors and shapes are very important to him.

He had eventually removed every Jello cup from the refrigerator and made a tower of them on the table in the living room. 

We let him have them out for a little bit but then wanted him to choose the two he wanted and the rest would go back to the refrigerator and go to sleep.

This turned into a 20 minutes meltdown, complete with headache inducing screaming and flailing around on the floor.
I need a frickin’ vacation. 

I’m finding that these meltdowns are making me physically ill anymore.

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Anna had a meltdown like that last night… ostentatiously over cough drops she'd lost and my unwillingness to leave the house at night with the baby to get her more…… but it was really just not feeling well and being overwhelmed.

I kept calm through the screaming, the swearing, even the being spit at…….. but, yeah, I feel like I was hit by a truck today. NOTHING flares my fibro like her meltdowns. I sooooooo feel your pain.

Aeri Flynn

is there anyway for a child and youth worker to provide respite relief in your area? In Canada we get paid from the government or non-profit organizations to help families such as yours to provide some relief.

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