We have to move to a safer neighborhood

We have to move to a safer neighborhood

Unfortunately, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about already, there have been a string of attempted break-ins over the past 4 weeks. Server also of my neighbors have been targeted already.

Apparently, the would be thieves are casing the houses in my neighborhood prior to their attempts.

This evening, I think we may have been cased. A woman showed up at our front door, with some bullshit story about looking for someone that just moved in.

It was clear that she was either an idiot or she was lying to me because her story was just completely out there and made no sense.

I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt and will assume that she was lying to me.

The goal of someone casing out a house is to get an idea of its occupants. They are looking for alarm systems and dogs, in particular.

Lizze and I are really uncomfortable and so I’m standing guard at night now. I’m camping out on the couch with Bella, Maggie and Louisville Slugger, just in case someone decides to pay us a visit

Maggie and Bella don’t take kindly to strangers approaching our house and defend us with their last breath. We also have the whole house monitored by our alarm system as well.

Having said that, with all the gangs, drugs and random violence, it’s getting more and more difficult to keep my family safe. I have to figure something out, ASAP.

No one feels safe anymore.  🙁

I realize crime is everywhere but we had our van broken into, at least twice. We’ve had someone shot, stabbed and partially eviscerated in front of our house. I provided first aide until the medics arrived. I was almost killed in a drive by shooting a few weeks later. Then of course, our van was stolen as I was walking out to put the boys in the car to take them to school and now this.

We really, really need to get out of here. Canton, Ohio is going right down the crapper. It’s both scary and sad….but mostly scary. 🙁


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Criminals are less likely to target homes that have dogs in them, as well as alarm systems. You have two big dogs, both of which are breeds that have a reputation for being protective and somewhat like guard dogs. Hopefully this will be enough to deter them from your home.


I had the same problem when my kids were younger. We were in an awful neighborhood, and it got to the point that we were afraid to let the kids outside at all.
In the end, I had to suck it up, get a second job, and we saved every penny for 2 years. That little bit of extra savings opened up our opportunities greatly, and we now have a modest house in a really great area.


I should add that working two jobs for two years was awful! I was averaging 80 hours per 7 day week, and missed doing a ton of things with the family. I think the end result (safer neighborhood, better schools) was worth it in the long run, though.


@America1 I totally understand. Before I got hurt and and my wife got sick, I worked at least 80hrs/week as a medic.


lostandtired In my prior life, I was a contractor. I had to retire due to a neck injury. I was able to find work in both sales and consulting. The opportunities are there… you just gotta look for them :^)


@America1 good for you. That’s got to feel great and is definitely something to be proud of. 🙂


How scary! I hope you are able to find a solution soon!


Stephenie thanks. It is pretty scary. Thankfully, everyone is safe right now.

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