Eyedrops and #Autism - A match made in Hell -

Eyedrops and #Autism – A match made in Hell

Of all the challenges that have presented themselves as a result of my kids having Autism, the sensory processing issues are by far the worst.

Typically the big challenge has been with food and clothing. 

However, over the past week and a half, we battled one round of Pink Eye and are currently engaged in battle with a second infestation.

Right now, Emmett has it in both eyes and he is absolutely miserable, as anyone with Pink Eye would be.  In Emmett’s case however, I suspect that it’s a significantly worse experience because the pain, discomfort and itching is intensified as a result of the way his body perceives those sensations.

Putting the required drops in each eye four times a day, has proven to be a truly horrible experience. 

The first round went terribly bad but the second and third rounds went a bit smoother.  However, round four went horrible and was exhausting for all parties involved. 

We still have six more days of this left before the medication is done.

I can’t imagine what this is going to be like for the next week but it’s not going to be fun, that much I do know. 


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Does anyone know how to determine if it is viral or bacterial? Because if it is viral, the drops aren’t treating the illness (although they may be soothing the symptoms.)

It is an incomplete thought at best, but maybe that is a jumping off point for you.


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