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One of the things I always encourage Autism parents to do is give their kids on the spectrum as much hands on experience as they safely and appropriately can.

My kids absolutely love to help with just about anything that I happen to be doing. 

Today, I was cleaning our TV trays and had to scrape something off with a putty knife.  A putty knife, at least this one, isn’t sharp but still requires supervision.
Anyway, Emmett wanted to help me clean the table and so I showed him how to use the putty knife safely and correctly.  He picked up on it really quick and was very proud of himself for using a tool correctly.  I should mention that the boys understand that they are never to touch Daddy’s tools unless given permission.

I always stress,  Safety First.

The point of this story is to try an impress upon you, as a parent, just how important of a role you play in your child’s life. 

In my experience, Kids with autism can be very hands on and like to learn by doing. 

I have chosen to embrace this trait in my kids because it motivates them to gain their independence.  By learning everyday things like repairs around the house, grocery shopping, managing a budget or working in the yard, they learn valuable real life lessons that will benefit them in the future.

Of course, every child and situation is different.  This just happens to work out well for my boys.

Perhaps a modification may be needed to meet your child’s unique needs. 


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