Kuts 4 Kids: #Autism Friendly Haircuts

Whenever I come across a business that works very well with the Autism community, I like to shine the spotlight on them because quite frankly, they deserve it.

Kuts 4 Kids is the latest to receive this recognition for working well with my kids on the Autism spectrum.

"Like" Kuts 4 Kids on Facebook

“Like” Kuts 4 Kids on Facebook

As many of you are aware of, taking a child with Autism to get a haircut is very often a traumatic experience for all involved.

When it comes to the Lost and Tired family, our experience with haircuts is hit or miss.  Sometimes the boys do really, really well. Others times, especially with Emmett in particular, we struggle and very often won’t even make it out of the car.

We have been going to Kuts 4 Kids for a few years now and all I can do is sing their praises.

The boys do pretty well there.  Jessica and Jodi are so incredibly patient and seem to find a way to work with our boys so they feel comfortable with them inside their personal space.

The boys get to pick a special seat and watch cartoons while they get their hair cut, which is a great distraction.

“Like” Kuts 4 Kids on Facebook

While not every child with Autism is subject to having a different experience at Kuts 4 Kids, they will be treated with kindness, compassion and most of all, respect.

Kuts 4 Kids is our home for haircuts because the kids just do much better there, than the other places we’ve tried over the years. I would encourage you all, if you live in the Akron/Canton, Ohio area, to give them a try.
As a special needs parent, we have to sometimes look for awhile to find something that works for our kids.  If you can manage a less stressful haircut, wouldn’t that just be awesome.  It works for us.  🙂


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How wonderful!!  We took our twins who are both one the spectrum to get their hair cut at a regular salon twice… and during our second visit we heard one of the stylists tell the other… “Yeah.. I’ve had that boy before… have fun with that!”  Like it isn’t hard enough struggling with our children to get them to cooperate and try to keep them as comfortable and calm as possible we also had to deal with attitude.  We never went back!!  Since I am banned from having scissors after messing up my oldest typical sons hair 15 years ago…… Read more »


JamileyKeller tell them I sent you and let me know how it goes. 🙂