Do your kids like video games? -

Do your kids like video games?

If there was only one common  thread between all kids, especially boys, it just might be their love of video games.  All three of my boys on the spectrum love playing video games. 

In Gavin’s case, video games have not always been a good thing for him. 

Much of Gavin’s life has been lived with almost no threshold for frustration.  Gavin can go from zero to frustrated in the blink of an eye.  Video games were a huge, huge trigger.

Elliott and Emmett do really well with video games.  Elliott doesn’t always want to turn them off when it’s time, but he’s getting better. 

Gavin was always drawn to the violence that can be in a game.  He was never aloud to play violent games and that didn’t go over well at times. 

Elliott is drawn to games that let him create his own world.  Games like Minecraft, Portal, Portal 2 and Age of Empires are among his most favorite.  Emmett on the other hand, doesn’t really have a preference because typically he wants Elliott to actually play for him, so he can just watch.

Video games have been a blessing and curse in our family. We limit their screen time son they can’t play endlessly and only allow them to play what we feel is appropriate for them.

Lately, Elliott has been getting back into Portal 2 and creating his own levels. 

Watching him create these world’s and use his imagination is truly amazing.  He has a beautiful mind and it’s jaw dropping to see the things his mind is capable of.

Do your kids play video games? What games do they live to play and how do you find balance?


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Vicki Pannell

T has a fascination for Club Penguin. He can spend hours and hours playing each mini game. We have to limit his screen time, but he’s getting much better at turning off when asked. He loves being a penguin and dressing the penguin, making it dance, etc. I think he feels in control of his own world when he plays.

Joe Spencer

Heck, Dear Old Dad hasn’t outgrown computer games.  My daughter loves The Sims and my son is into racing games.


A father after my own heart. 🙂

Cecilia Boyle

Michael is a big Zelda fan, he said that there is a real story behind this. I let him talk for about an hour or longer. He was showing some real emotions and talking about sometimes maybe he gets depressed or sad. He said that Lynx? Is always trying to rescue princess and he said how some of the parting scenes were very sad. I was glad to make a connection to emotions, and we were driving at the time and by the time we got to our destination the anxiety that is his constant companion had lifted!,
You just never know when you will do something right. He also likes minecraft. I could probably form an addiction to that one also so I keep away.
Lately he has been watching “CreepyMacaroni”. I don’t really think I like this. We went out , my husband and I last night, and when we got back he was watching, he seemed like he really got drawn in. I looked on history and he had been watching for about 5 hours. He will be using computer out of bedroom for now. He is 18, but like a 14 yr old? No friends anymore, no social skills at school, nothing. We are in process of getting new IEP as he is a junior, reg Ed mainstreamed in-class support. Something’s gotta give. Maybe I’ll be lucky today and find some help!


Wow. What a story. If there is ever anything I can do to help. 🙂

Cecilia Boyle

This site is helpful!


Rob, I know this is OT for this post and also kind of off your radar due to Gavin’s physical health problems, but I thought you’d said that Cincinnati Children’s Hospital was the only psychiatric residential treatment program for kids in Ohio. Belmont Pines Hospital also offers long-term residential care for ages 6 to 18 who have “severe emotional and behavioral problems” You might have already heard of them but I thought I’d throw it out there. I looked up the hospital and I know it got into some trouble in 2004 for some serious mistakes it made in patient care, but that was almost a decade ago and they might have cleaned up their act since then.


There are quite a few residential treatment places for kids in Ohio. The problem is that none of them will touch Gavin because of all the health issues.
We had thought that Cincinnati Children’s Hospital would have been a perfect fit but we misunderstood what they offered. 🙂

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