Early menopause. Are you kidding me?

Early menopause. Are you kidding me?

Some of you may remember from awhile back, that there have been concerns about Lizze going into early menopause. Lizze was adopted and so her medical history is a bit of a mystery. 

One of the things we do know with relative certainty is that early menopause is something that her biological mother experienced.

Those of you that have been around awhile might also remember that Lizze have a complete hysterectomy a couple of years ago.  Things with her internal mommy parts weren’t going well for her and after several consultations with multiple doctors, it was decided that she had to have a complete hysterectomy for medical reasons.

They took everything but her ovaries.

For some time now, there has been concern that Lizze was going through early menopause. 

Lizze began experiencing hot flashes shortly after her hysterectomy.  Over the last two years or so, they have been steadily getting worse. They are so bad now that she can’t sleep at night. 

We called the Cleveland Clinic to find a new Gyn. They have the top Gyn clinic in the state.  The waiting list for her new doctor is a couple of months.  However, after explaining what was going on,  they contacted us back and the doctor wants her in right away. 

The wait went from several months to about a week from now.

Here’s the kicker, the reason she had to have the hysterectomy in the first place was because she couldn’t have hormone therapy, due to her history of blood clots.

If she is indeed entering into early menopause, I don’t know if they can do hormone replacement therapy. I mean, if they couldn’t before, why would they now?

Perhaps this time, the benefits will outweigh the risks.

This next week is going to be a big one for Lizze. 

If anyone has any knowledge or experience in the area of early menopause, please feel free to share. I’m doing my own research but it’s no match for personal experience. 

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Hello – Oh boy yes.  Hot flashes and night sweats since 26.  Total hysterectomy at 33.
SO for advice mine is this: find a doctor that works with compounding natural hormone replacement instead of synthetic hormone replacements.  Me – I must have estrogen or my mind goes to a very dark and scary tunnel. I also use progesteren and lots of vitamin D to reduce the cancer risks.  And, testosterone levels aren’t a bad thing to keep in check either. 
Most doctors will lean towards old-school synthetic pharmaceuticals. So do look around for options and a doctor that will listen and respect Lizze.
One last thing, there are herbal options.  None worked for me, and Black Cohosh actually filled me with rage. BUT, it’s worth the experiment because they do work for a lot of folks and the side effects are usually mild if at all.


I went through menopause in an afternoon. A complete hysterectomy at age 31. I didn’t do HRT due to a risk of breast cancer, and I’ve had a bone density scan and that’s about it. I understand that they didn’t leave any ovaries because my endometriosis was so bad, and it just seemed like another problem to go through later. Can she do anything herbal? I’m glad I was rather pushy with one really annoying nurse that made it her personal mission that I keep my ovaries.

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