I’m really enjoying making these little cards with inspiring text.  On a day that has found me in rough place and unable to focus on  writing anything with any substance, this has been a pleasant change of pace. 

Hopefully, you will find some meaning in them as they each hold meaning for me. 

These have been very popular on Facebook today a special I wanted to show you all some love. 

Please feel free to share them, like them or pass them along to someone that could use the words of encouragement.


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Really?  You don’t see it?  “Not many [non special needs parents] could walk around the block, let alone a mile, in [a special needs parent]’s shoes”.  Put in black/white, man/woman, Ohioan/Michigander and you’ll see it clear as day.   Not that it’s a big deal.  Except the Michigan/Ohio thing.  🙂


I love you, I really do but I won’t back down on this one. What I stated is simply a fact and its meant to help build up special needs parents, as this is a special needs blog.
What I stated is a widely excepted fact that ordinary parents tell me all the time.
We’ll have to agree to disagree, but we’ve been known to do that before. 🙂


Everyone deserves encouragement, but why is it necessary to put everyone down to do it?


Who’s putting anyone down? If your referring to the walking a mile thing, that’s not meant to be a put down. Its simply the reality of the situation for most people.

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