When things don’t go as planned

Today is already not going as planned.  Lizze went to the IEP meeting for Gavin this morning and as soon as she gets back we have to be on our way to Akron Children’s Hospital for Emmett’s followup eye appointment. 

With Elliott being sick, we are going to have to divide and conquer.


One of our goals for today was to take Elliott with us to Emmett’s followup appointment.  We need to get Elliott in for his own evaluation but he way, way to terrified.

We thought if he could see Emmett have his exam, he would realize that there is nothing to be afraid.

It was a brilliant plan but one that won’t be seeing the light of day. Elliott is just too sick to go along today.  He’s not contagious but he’s miserable.

Our choice is to either reschedule the appointment or not have Elliott come along.

At this point, I think we’re going to have Elliott stay at my parents house while we take Emmett to make sure his eyes are doing better.

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