Not putting the cart before the horse

Here’s the update to Elliott’s trip to pediatrician this afternoon.  As predicted, Elliott spent the afternoon freaking out about having to visit the doctor. 

Having said that, I figured out something that was able to redirect him. 

I tethered Elliott’s old Samsung tablet to my phone and setup the GPS and Google Navigation.  He spent the entire 30 minute drive navigating.  It was really cool for him because he felt some control and he got to watch our car moving along the road, in real time. 

He did great.

When we arrived and we’re meeting with his doctor, he did even better. 

As we thought, Elliott has sinusitis.  Apparently, we never got rid of it entirely.  This is the third or fourth round of sinus infection in the last 2 or 3 months. 

What we are going to do is try a much heavier duty antibiotic for the next 20 days. 

If this doesn’t clear things up, he’s going to need a head CT, in order to see what his sinus cavities look like. Then we will probably be referred to the ENT and also to immunology.  There is some concern over whether or not there is an underlying immunodeficiency. 

Right now we aren’t going to put the cart before the horse.  We’re going to wait and see if we get this cleared up with this round of antibiotics  before doing anything else. 

We just have to have a plan b.


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GPS is a wonderful idea! I need to give that a try! My youngest with PANDAS constantly had sinus infections like that, and they went away after we took him off of dairy and put him on prophylactic antibiotics for the PANDAS. Also, we found out he had a high sedimentation rate (inflammation level) due to having an MTHFR mutation. My husband also has it and gets the same chronic sinus issues, as it affects immune system functioning. The inflammation seems to be reducing as soon as we started methylfolate supplementation. Hopefully it will be an easier answer for Elliot, but those are always things you can test for as well.

Jodi p

Have you ever used social stories for Elliott for anxiety.