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Today is the first of many appointments for this week.  In many ways, this is likely the most important one of the week as well.

Shortly we will be heading to the Cleveland Clinic. 

Lizze will be visiting a new OB/GYN to find out for sure if she’s entering early menopause and if not, what’s causing all the identical symptoms.

The Cleveland Clinic has one of the top OB/GYN clinics in the country, so I’m confident that we can finally get a handle on what’s going on. If she is indeed going through early menopause (which is something prominent in her family), that could explain much of what she’s been suffering from. 

I realize it’s probably bad luck but to say this now but I think we may finally get some long sought after answers.

Please keep Lizze in your thoughts today.  She’s really   nervous but anxious for an end to all the hot flashes.

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Would the early menopause be causing the migraine?  I kind of hope it is because then by treating the early menopause, she might finally be able to get rid of the migraine.  Hoping for good news.


Lizze, more so that perhaps anyone, deserves some answers. I am continually amazed by the things that she does, and by the pain that she goes through. Either one alone would be amazing, but both together? She is a superhero in every way except the cape. Good luck to her, and lets hope she can finally get some help with at least something.


@Kate she is a superhero, she just doesn’t like to be photographed with her cape on. 🙂 Thanks for all the support. She deserves answers and freedom from pain.