One of the things this newly single Dad struggles with

There are so many things that I’m struggling to get a handle on as a single Dad. Trying to manage everything in life by oneself isn’t easy. 

One of the things I really struggle with is laundry.  It’s like a never ending conveyor belt of dirty clothes that need wash, dried, sorted, folded and put away.  I can get the washed and dried part done like boss (especially with Gavin’s help) but when it comes to sorting, folding and putting away, well, it doesn’t usually make it that far.

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I feel like we’re always living out of a laundry basket or multiple laundry baskets. 

Laundry is one of the first items to hit the back burner when things come up. Unfortunately, things seem to always come up in my life.  There’s always something that needs my attention and needs it more than the laundry does. 


I wish there were two of me because while one of me gets pulled away to put out the proverbial fires, the can stay on task. 

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As an example, I’ve been trying to write this for the last couple of hours but Emmett’s having a really rough morning and most of my energy is being poured into him.  Right now I’ve got him laying down in my bed.  I’m hoping he falls asleep for a little while because he really needs the reset. 

Afterwards, I can go back to everything else I need to get done today..

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I wish I could better manage everything but my multitasking abilities are somewhat limited.  Maybe someday I’ll find my footing and get some traction but until then, I’ll have to just keep muddling along.

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  1. Kim Gebhardt

    It seems like Gavin likes to help around the house, so instead of moving laundry from dryer to basket, fold it as it comes out of the dryer and have Gavin take it to the right bedroom. You’re right that laundry is a never ending cycle; that’s kind of the nature of it. : /

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