Bending to the wind -

Bending to the wind

In the Lost and Tired family, nothing ever goes as planned.  Today is not the exception.

Lizze is down for the count today. 

Yesterday’s trip to the Cleveland Clinic took its toll on her and her body is physically exhausted and combined with her already problematic sleep disorder, she can’t stay awake.

This is what I refer to as creepy sleeping. 

Basically what happens is Lizze will literally fall asleep do whatever it was she was doing.  It’s like she’s been paused.

She could be typing something on her Chromebook and fall asleep sitting up, with her fingers on the keyboard as though someone has frozen her in time. 


It’s very unsettling.  Hence, creepy sleeping. 

Thankfully, this doesn’t happen as often anymore but it still happens way too much.

As a result of this, today’s plans have been tossed out the window.  Looks like I’ll be getting no work done today and instead will be living in the car, as Emmett and I take care of all the appointments today.

I’m gonna sneak Emmett to the park for some Fit4Autism exercise and fun before picking up the boys for speech and OT this afternoon. 

Wish me luck and please keep Lizze in your thoughts. 

I’ve learned over the years that it’s best to bend with the wind, rather than fight against it. 

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Gotta ask… is she on elavil or amitriptyline for the fibro? Those are really sedating, and could cause her sleep problems.


Hang in there Rob.  I hope Lizzie continues to get better.


mkosmicki1 thanks 🙂

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