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I’ve been absent today, at least as far as blogging is concerned. The truth is that we have had the today end on a really bad note.

This afternoon while I was at speech and OT with the boys, Lizze got some very disturbing/concerning news.  Her new OB/GYN at the Cleveland Clinic sent her an email with some lab results from Mondays blood work….

The was told to contact the clinic and make an appointment for two weeks from now and they would explain further.

Late this afternoon we got a call back from the doctors office.  They wanted to explain in further detail what was going on and what the lab results mean. I’ll do my best to explain this to you but please keep in mind that I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this myself.

Here’s what we know so far.

Luteinizing hormone is the focus of everything at the moment. Follow the link for a explanation of the function of this hormone. Basically, it regulates the menstrual and ovulation cycles.

During the reproductive years, typical levels are between 1-20 IU/L.  After menopause the levels will rise above 20 IU/L.

Lizze’s LH levels are 64 IU/L.

The nurse that Lizze spoke to this afternoon said that she’s definitely in menopause and that with numbers that high, her ovaries are either missing (as in removed during her hysterectomy, which they weren’t supposed to be) or they have completely shut down.

Lizze is completely devastated and neither one of us know what to think at this point. 

If her ovaries are indeed missing, they were removed against her will during her hysterectomy.  We signed papers specifically saying that they would not be removed. With her old doctor still refusing to turn over any records things are looking very, very suspicious. 

Lizze was told today that this is not normal at all, for a woman that still had her ovaries. 

It should be said that it is possible that her ovaries simply shut down after the surgery. However, from what we’re being told, that’s not common.

At this point, Lizze and I are are experiencing a wide rage of emotions. Among those feelings are fear, anger, concern and worry. If her ovaries are indeed missing you can add betrayal and feeling violated to the list as well.

Right now, Lizze will return to the Cleveland Clinic in two weeks for  follow up lab work and to discuss what we are going to do.

Please say a prayer for Lizze that we can get everything figured out and that regardless of the reasons she’s entered menopause almost 2 decades early, we can find away to provide her some relief, without entangling her life. 

It’s important to remember that because of Lizze’s history of blood clots, she can’t safely receive hormone replacement therapy…

I have no idea what we are going to do or what this will mean for Lizze’s future, or even her present for that matter. She’s really upset, scared and panicked. 

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Fortunately, you don’t have to do HRT.


@Chefaimee my understanding was because she’s so young they have to try and stop it.


Also its important to remember that while uncommon, it is possible that her ovaries are indeed present and accounted for, just no longer working.
It’s easy for me to jump the gun right now but until we know for sure, anything is possible.


oh man. man o man. give her a huge huge HUGE hug. I’ll be swinging chickens over here for her!!!!


@amber thank you:-)


Why don’t you just call the office and ask?  They might refuse to copy records for you, but I don’t believe they can refuse to answer a question like, “Do I still have ovaries?”


dotdash they won’t cooperate. However, we did figure out an end run around them. Well, at least for some of the records but it would include the hysterectomy. We can get the records from the hospital the surgery was performed at.
Thanks dot. 🙂

Max autism

I try my best to limit my family’s exposure to modern medicine.

Debbie Wilson

Bless her heart, I’ll keep her in my prayers.