WTF…… Seriously? Are you friggin kidding me?

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OMG, today have been a trying day. 

As you know, Lizze had her appointment with Orthopedics at the Cleveland Clinic this afternoon.  She’s been having problems with her knees for many years, steaming from a major injury during years as a gymnast. 

We are in desperate need of a break from bad news. 

It’s kinda like bad news and good news are divorced parents that can’t seem to ever come to terms with anything.  They completely ignore the visitation schedule that states that we want to see the good news along with the bad.

Unfortunately, that’s not what happens in our lives. 

So here’s what went down today. I swear I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. 🙁

This morning, Lizze got another email from her new OB/GYN at Cleveland, informing her that her vitamin D levels are dangerously low.  She’s at a 15 and from what I’ve read, a healthy level is anywhere from 30-110. She has to go back on prescription strength vitamin D. 

While we were on the way to Lizze’s appointment, I got an email from telling me that my Facebook page is in the top 30 of Autism related Facebook pages.  I was pretty excited as I’ve been trying really hard to improve the Lost and Tired fan page.

I was feeling pretty good as we arrived at the Cleveland Clinic today.
The whole vitamin D thing with Lizze can be corrected and I just won an award. 

Before I can walk in the door of the hospital, I get another email from, retracting the previous email as it was a mistake. Man,  that sucks but life moves on and today was about Lizze and not me. 

Lizze had her xrays done and we got back to see her new doctor quickly.  The doctor said that the film looked pretty good and only showed very minor signs of arthritis.  Hell yeah!

Finally, some good news. 

I was totally afraid that she was going to need surgery. She was diagnosed with something called J band syndrome. While this is very painful, it can be worked on in physical therapy. 

Did I say hell yeah already?

We arrive to my parents house to pick up the boys and head home.  The moment Emmett gets into the car and for about the next 45 minutes,  he literally screamed and screamed and screamed.  He did eventually stop but only to become super hyper and has been bouncing off of everything in sight.  🙁

After we finished dinner and had sorta come down from the almost hour of screaming, I get a phone call……

It’s Lizze’s new orthopedist. She is personally calling because after reviewing her xrays a second time, she found something wrong with the tip of her femur.  It’s something to do with a divit and cartilage honestly, as soon as I realized it was bad news, my brain just shut down.

In 5 minutes we went from everything is okay to needing an MRI and possible surgery…. 

Fucking shit……….. Goddammit… Son of a bitch.

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Hi…So I finally flipped over from facebook bagan to read your blog and its like you and I have a mirrored life except I only have one son on the spectrum who turned 15 and going through crazy ass hormone changes he doesn’t  understand and yells angrily at any and everyone, especially his dad and I…and also for the last 14 years of our 17 year marriage, my husband has had 17 hand surgeries, countless MRI’s and xrays, physical therapy, cortizone shots,  nerves tests, meds, sleepless nights, moaning in his sleep, watching him cry with not even a name to call what is going one cause 8 doctors have no idea why his hands/arms are deteriorating into a pile of nothing and  all the while trying to keep his elderly fathers business alive so they stay alive and our family all  because we can’t qualify for any assistance becasue we are self employed and what makes matters worse is that our 13 year old daughter takes on too much responsiblity for her age and our 10 year old son wishes he could play with his brother…so…I am right there with ya with WTF…..all I can do is pray and hope…


Okay so please don’t take this the wrong way but…. YES I’ve finally found someone that ubderstands what it’s like to live in a world where you wake up every morning and put on a slicker suit so tge world can be like that monkey at the zoo that throws shit all over you for no apparent reason lmao.
My phone is about to die but, I can’t wait to read more ;-(


RhondaDelgado that’s kind of a strange compliment but hey, I’ll take it.  🙂  Seriously though, I’ve never actually thought of it that way  effort. Honestly, that’s a really accurate way to describe it.  

Very nice to meet you…..


Ugh, that sucks, Rob, sorry. Is it getting warm enough that you can park Lizze outside for a bit for a doze in the sun at all for her vitamin D? I know you guys live in a rough area and Lizze has so many issues, but it sounds like sunlight could really help.


reonyea I actually try to do that.  Good idea.  🙂


Ugh…..  🙁


OnyxPanthyr that actually sums it up pretty well. 🙂


I’m so sorry things are so rough for you. My mom likes to say “Can’t win for losing…” I hope things take a turn for the better ASAP. *hugs*


Senushemi that’s a popular phrase in our home as well. 🙂
Thank you so much for the support.