Hello @ClevelandClinic, we’re here for a swallow study

We have finally arrived at our second to last appointment for this week.  Very early in the morning we will get up and make our way to the Cleveland Clinic’s main campus.

This particular appointment is Lizze’s once again and is with radiology.  She will be having a swallow study done to find the reason why she so often chokes while eating. 


They explained that her esophagus is really pretty narrow and likely the reason for her choking so often. 
They will be doing a barium swallow study to observe the process and better understand if there is a biomechanical problem taking place when she tries to swallow.

On the way home, we have to devert to the Cleveland Clinic’s Brunswick location to pick up Lizze’s special knee brace, before finding our way back home.

After these two appointments, we will finally be done for the week.   Not a moment to on soon because I’m so incredibly tired of driving and I’m completely exhausted. Lizze is having a rough time keeping up with this week.  She’s burnt out right  now and needs her rest.

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