What do you do when your 7 year old is losing his hair?

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About 2 weeks ago, I noticed that Elliott is losing quite a bit of his hair.  He doesn’t have any noticeable thin spots.  However, we  I rub his head, I find upto a dozen hairs stuck between my fingers. 

I’ve not said anything Elliott but we spoke with his pediatrician over the phone and he wants to see Elliott next week. 

The amount to of hair he’s losing is not normal and is likely stress or nutrition related. 

Ever since Elliott tree nut allergy surfaced, feeding him has become extremely difficult.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find that he’s deficient in one of more areas. As for the stress theory, it makes sense as he’s under an insanely high out of stress.

I’ve been wondering if this is in someway tied to his inability to kick this sinus infection, even after 4 rounds of antibiotics?

Either way, lab work is in his immediate future.  His pediatrician wants to coordinate with immunology and the ENT, so that any needed blood work can be done in one single draw. 

I’m really worried about Elliott.  He needs relief from everything going on  around him..

Please keep Elliott in your thoughts and prayers. 


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Corinne Tobias

Hello Anxiety. I believe we have met 😉


i have set of b/g twins. the boy is spectrum and not anxious much, he fears wind and closed doors, but is handling things better at age 7. my  girl has a full head of hair, she is the “typical” child but she suffers panic attacks, feverish nightmares and anxiety of strange people, places, wind, noises, sounds, well everything. last night she had a fever and was in a high level of anxiety. i had about 2 hours sleep while the rest of the night i was calming her. i often worry about her and wonder if medication is the right thing for a tiny little person of 7 years. she is so slight and seems so well adjusted during the good days. usually daytime is a breeze unless it is stormy. night time it all falls apart and she is often tired. i wish i had an easy handbook of “to medicate or not to medicate” as i worry about either choice.


My four year old, non verbal daughter has also experienced hair loss. First it started by turning gray/white then it fell out in a large patch on the back of her head. Alopecia aereta. Just what she needs…