All the way to Cleveland for a friggin knee brace

We arrived at our second and final appointment of the day and I’m waiting with Emmett, for Lizze to come out with her fancy new knee brace. We are at the Cleveland Clinics Brunswick location now.

The special brace is supposed to help with her knee pain and makes everything stayed aligned. It’s worth the drive to get this for her. It’s also sorta on the way home.

Emmett’s done pretty well, especially considering we’ve basically been driving since 7am this morning. 

The last 20 minutes though have been very challenging because he’s finally had enough and melted down.  He screamed and screamed for almost 20 minutes straight. 

I can normally handle the screaming but while I’m driving on the freeway, it’s very distracting.

Thankfully, he’s gotten it out of his system and is feeling better now. 


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