A quickie update

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I fell a bit behind today and wasn’t able to get much writing done.

We had a relatively quiet day because the boys are still under the weather and Elliott is currently running a fever. Emmett seems to be doing better but is not back to himself just yet.

Gavin is physically doing good. His IVIG infusion on Friday completed without any issues. It’s been a little while since he’s had a flawless infusion. He was happy with that, and we were grateful that he didn’t have to go through anything more than was necessary.

Lizze and I had a pretty decent day. I was able to go walking but cut it short at the 2-mile mark because Ruby was limping. I carried her back to the car, and we’re going to keep an eye on her. Hopefully, she only needs a little rest; if not, we’ll have to get her looked at next week.

Easter will be spent at home this year because of illness. I think this is actually the second year in a row we’ve had sickies over Easter. The kids are disappointed, but we’ll try and do something special on our own. I will miss seeing my grandmother but I visit her a few times a week, so it’s not so bad.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great day. Don’t forget to check out the latest episode of my podcast. It’s embedded in the sidebar on the right. 😀

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  • Becky Rogers Wiren says:

    Have a happy Easter!