Let’s talk #Autism and sensory needs

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Raising kids with Autism and Sensory processing issues is challenging. Rewarding…..but challenging.

Between routines, loud noises, bright lights and tactile issues, it’s like a never ending battle. It’s like trying to avoid stepping on an invisible landmine while walking through a field full of them. 

How do you and your family manage? 

What struggles do  you face on a daily basis? Have you found anything that helps your family to avoid those invisible landmines?


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  • AMDuser says:

    I just have to find ways to avoid or manage. Like for loud noises and High Pitch Noises I use earpuds to reduce and filter. The texture issue got both food and Fabics like clothing. For like issues with food there is some food I avoid because of the texture when eating it. I use to have a sensory issue with CRT monitors then LCD came along 🙂 .

  • StefanieSacks says:

    i have s severe si iusse on meds to help also with angizty so not self abuise .it like you want to run out your body but you cant it so hard to not do bad things but on occ i do loose it an may hit or pinch

    • lostandtired says:

      StefanieSacks thank you for sharing so honestly.  I didn’t know that.

      • StefanieSacks says:

        lostandtired StefanieSacks   i have lot of thng to help but it hard .when i was younger an less verble it was like being in hell .screaming on the inside no one know what you are thinking or feeling most times they are so wrong .it like my autism is the boss of me an make me behave in ways i cant help spometimes then people who sdont no me well think  im lower fuinting thrm i am an i also have severe learing disbiltys so chool was no fun at all

  • ricketzz says:

    Radio Swiss Jazz and 100% cotton works for me. No commercial TV. Keep “mute” button handy. Peace is a two way street. Learn to exhale.