Why I’m the luckiest Dad in the world

Why I’m the luckiest Dad in the world

It’s no secret that things in my life are not going very well.  I’m sick, stressed out, overwhelmed, scared and frustrated. Today hasn’t been a good day at all. 

However, a few minutes ago, I went to brush my teeth and was reminded why I’m the luckiest Dad in the whole world. 

Apparently, Elliott knew that I’ve been having a rough last couple of days and while he’s not one that’s very open about his feelings, he just blew me away. 

As I was walking out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth, I noticed something on the counter.

I almost didn’t notice it because it blended in so well with the counter top, but Elliott left me a note.  Not just any note either.  This is the kind of note that would put any Dad on one way trip to parenting cloud nine.

You can see the note in the picture below. 

I had to highlight the edges because it blends in so well with the counter top. 

This was a simple, yet very effective note that said “I love you Dad.  I said I love you.”  He wrote this out all by himself and I was brought to tears upon reading this. 

I’m not sure when he did this but it was some time before he left for school.  He just quietly left it there for me to find. 

My little Elliott just made my entire week and reminded me why I’m the luckiest Dad in the world.. 🙂


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Some of the best things in life are the unexpected pleasant surprises you find along the way.  🙂




That is such a sweet note.  He’s a lovely child.


dotdash thanks dot.  🙂


There are some aspie like you son that have issues expressing emotion verbally but find creative means to express it. There is an airtist/singer/rapper called Dan Bull some of his videos have foul language but still good. But here is a good example of how he uses his emotions http://youtu.be/9lxi8ZU1sJ8


AMDuser very good point.  Thank you for sharing.  🙂

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