Emmett pulled a dresser over on himself -

Emmett pulled a dresser over on himself

On Wednesday afternoon, Emmett and Elliott were playing.  All of a sudden we heard this really loud crash.

Elliott came running for help.

When we got there, Emmett was pinned under underneath this dresser/shelf.  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt but he was certainly scared.

Apparently, he was climbing on it and pulled it over on himself. 

It was heartbreaking because he just kept apologizing endlessly.  We kept telling him that we weren’t mad at him.  Poor Emmett, he was so upset but thankfully okay.

Hopefully, this will be a lesson learned.  Don’t climb on things furniture. 


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We’ve anchored our tippable furniture to the wall but I still worry about this.  Glad he’s ok!


Thank God! Our Doctor told us to put two door stops under the front of heavy furniture so it leans back.  That way it will be very difficult for Oliver to pull the furniture down on himself. So far so good…


Awesome idea!
We have all our future strapped to the walls with specialized hooks, but that would work just as well.


And it’s not just furniture… other stuff like TV’s can kill a child just as easily.
If you cannot supervise your children at all times, these items should be anchored. Period.


How about a better lesson that should be learned: all furniture that can be tipped over should be anchored to a wall.
A lot of little kids die from this every year. That’s why they sell furniture tip guards exactly for this purpose.


he is lucky, I helped someone move and it was the exact same thing, That thing is heavy and requires 2 people to lift and move.


AMDuser this wasn’t heavy but he still could have gotten hurt.  This is the first time we’ve had anything like this happen.


I think you mean “thankfully he WASN’T hurt.”


MeaghanGood thanks for catching that.  That was definitely an autocorrect mistake.  Thankfully he wasn’t hurt.  🙂


lostandtired MeaghanGood Dontcha love autocorrecks?


MeaghanGood lostandtired that’s why I put the disclaimer in my signature.  🙂

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