Sure, the timings bad but when is it ever good?

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We were supposed to return to the Cleveland Clinic in the morning to follow up with the whole slow stomach thing for Lizze.  However, we’ve had a last minute change of plans. 

Lizze wants to reschedule.

Why? Because of me…

I’m still sick and have been pushing myself way more than I probably should have been. 

The drive to Akron Children’s for Elliott’s appointment yesterday, killed me for the rest of the day.  All I did was drive and meet with his doctor. Apparently that’s all it took to get my body to hate me. 

I’m trying to talk her into going tomorrow because it’s an important appointment. 

She’s suffering right now and we now know that part of the problem is there’s something wrong with her stomach. 

This appointment would hopefully give us our options and possible treatment to improve her quality of life.  I think I would be fine to go and I hate the fact that me being sick is interfering with Lizze getting some much needed relief. 

We probably wouldn’t be gone for very long.  Most of the time would be spent driving. 

In my opinion, the pros far outweigh the cons on this one. 

I really appreciate her concern but I’m a big boy and it’s my job to make sure that everyone gets the care they need.  It’s important to me that we see this through and not skip today’s appointment. 

Sure, the timings bad but honestly, when is it ever a good time?


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