Today just won’t quit……

Today just won’t quit……

So after the day I’ve had I didn’t think it would get any worse… I opened the mail and found a letter from Canton City Police Department. I instantly felt sick to my stomach. I opened it to find out that my car has been impounded and is being “held for court”… They have charging me $15/day since for the last 10 days. It won’t be released until I go t court.

Here’s the kicker. I haven’t owned that car for like 8 months. I actually took it to a scrap yard early last summer and signed it over. Not sure how this happened but I have to clear this up on Monday. Welcome to my life……


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Scrap yards usually don't bother to update DMV records when they receive a car and probably just gave the title you gave them along with a bill of sale to whoever bought it off them. Try going down to the scrap yard and see if they'll give you the name of the purchaser or copies of their bill of sale before going down to the police station. It'll help your case if you can name the person who is really responsible for the violation.


Wow, and I thought I had bad luck. Hopefully you will find that unexpected diamond in the rough sometime soon. Hang in there.
On a side note, welcome to androidhelpers btw! I will help spread your blog here however I can. Take care.

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