This is all one big, giant, ugly and worrisome mess

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We never made it to Lizze’s appointment this morning.  I’m a bit upset about that because I feel like providing her with immediate relief is essential.

She’s in control of her health care and if she still wants to reschedule, than we reschedule. 

Truth is, I’m not in a position to really make the trip. Even if I tried, I would most certainly pay for it later. I appreciate Lizze not wanting me to do that.  🙂

The other side of the coin is that our financial resources are extremely limited right now.  We literally need to pick and choose the trips we make.  Right now, the priority has to be the whole menopause thing.  In all honesty, Lizze is a hormonal mess and getting worse. 

She’s absolutely miserable and we have a week left before her repeat blood work. 


Personally, I think she’s handling this situation  with as much grace as could be expected from someone who’s hormones are completely out of whack.

She’s been having more panic attacks and is completely overwhelmed by everything. 

Until we figure out what’s going on for sure, there isn’t anything that we can do.  The next blood test is meant to confirm the first one. 

After that, she has to have an ultrasound, in order to figure out what’s going on beneath the surface, so to speak.

Basically, we need to know if her ovaries are physically present.  We suspect that they may have been removed by mistake during her hysterectomy 2 years ago. 

Whether that are present or not, doesn’t really change the outcome. 

Lizze can’t have hormone replacement therapy because of her history of blood clots and because she is so young (32 years old), this presents a problem.

This is all one big, giant, ugly and worrisome mess. 

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