Maintaining hope -

Maintaining hope

Lizze is in a really bad place.  These hot flashes are keeping her up all night and a bit irritable during the day.  She’s even losing her hair still. 

She has to take these massive, prescription doses of vitamin D because her levels are so dangerously low. 

The last two days, she’s really struggled to stay out of bed due to exhaustion, pain and nausea.  It’s awful and aside for letting her sleep through life, there’s nothing I can do to help her.

A big problem with letting her sleep for so long is her history of blood clots. 

Immobility is her worst enemy right now. 

She hasn’t had to use her cane in awhile but personally, I sorta feel like that’s more because she hates using it and less about what she should be doing. 
We actually put a call into her new OB/GYN this afternoon and had some questions to ask.

They called back very quickly and we’re super nice and very compassionate.  Lizze was sleeping so I talked to her but it went well. 

I explained that Lizze isn’t doing well and detailed everything that’s going on.  The doctor is out of the office but will possible call us personally, later today.

Basically, Lizze needs to know what her future looks like.  We need some idea of what we can do to help her maintain hope and see her though this. 


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Have you guys ever looked into a service dog for her? It could help with the mobility issues, as well as a lot of other things. I know you guys have your hands full with two dogs already as is, but think of this as medical equipment that could really change her quality of life.

Financially, there are programs that can help cover things like vet costs, food, etc. And if you go through a program to get the dog (which is your best route imo) then they can supply you with the gear like harness and vests etc.

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