#Autism parenting fail: Learn from my mistakes -

#Autism parenting fail: Learn from my mistakes

OMG…… I will never, ever tell my kids they’re going anywhere until the last minute.  Elliott and Emmett are both on overload from the anxiety and anticipation of going to their grandparents to spend the night. 

For about the last 45 minutes, Elliott has been freaking out. 

Typically, we would never give them a weeks heads up to anything because we know this is going to be the likely result. 


However, we were both so tired of being asked about when they will get to go, we caved.  I mean they were literally constantly asking, especially Emmett.  It was like he was a scratched record and kept repeating the same questions, over and over again. 

Out of repetition induce insanity, I told them they would be going and when.

At the time, all I could think about was making the questions stop.  However, all I accomplished was essentially trading one problem for another,  equally disruptive one.  Not only that, but these guys are now so stressed out that they just can’t contain themselves. 

I’m telling you, the only easy part about raising kids with Autism is loving them. The rest is exhausting, at least in my experience.  Of course, your mileage and experience will vary.

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Lost and Tired


We try not to tell our daughter things ahead of time either. Understand completely. 🙂


Here is something to maybe consider for next time if you know for sure the day that they will be going don’t tell them ahead of time, instead if you know for sure what Day they are going wait until that week or the like 2 day before. Think of that response like programming like for example what would happen if you made an android program it were it was getting specs from a system and you tell it what to do but your forget to add in how many times it grabs the info and the max amount before it stops. They were request info with out the time and/or day then they would leave. 
I hope that makes sense, I tried to explain as best as I could. Like for example when I was living with my mom shoe would say we will be going to the store later, I think ok when later what day later. Just tell me if I confuse you at all.


AMDuser that’s an interesting approach.  Thank you for your insight. 🙂

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