Does a diagnosis excuse problem behavior? 

I’m finding myself getting frustrated with the boys behavior. In the case of Elliott, it’s a mix of Autism, sensory, Anxiety, ADHD, and being a pre-teen. It’s sometimes very difficult to know what’s behind the behaviors, mood swings, and other challenging behaviors. 

There’s at least a portion of behavior that I suspect is very typical for the age group, and yet there is a large portion that does seem to have a driving force behind it, that’s outside of his control. 

It’s not easy to know what is what in situations like this, and that’s important for knowing where to draw the accountability line. 

I don’t want to hold my kids accountable for things outside of their control, but at the same time, I don’t want a diagnosis to be an excuse for problem behavior. Society will never accept excuses, and my kids have to exist within society. 

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It’s frustrating for me as a parent, because I want to do right by them, but that’s not always black and white.