Our night went straight down the toilet -

Our night went straight down the toilet

Okay, crisis averted. The boys arrived home about 30 minutes ago.  I immediately stuck Emmett on the toilet to see if we would be able to poop our problems away. 

We must of sat there for 20 minutes without even a peep from that stupid bird.

Just as we were getting ready to call it quits and head off to Akron Children’s Hospital, it happened.  He pooped out the bird. I couldn’t believe it. 

I don’t know how in the world he managed to do this in the first place. 

When asked why he did that, he said “the bird wanted to fly up there because it a warm place to build a nest.” I’m not angry, I exhausted and riding an adrenalin high since I found out about this. 

Now I’m crashing and grateful that everything came out okay. 

It wasn’t that long ago, that we had another problem, similar to this.  Last time it was a Lego shoved so far up his nose that we weren’t sure how we were going to get it out.  That was another trip to the Akron Children’s Hospital for an extraction.

Thank God this worked out on its own. 

It never fails though.  When we are supposed to get a break, it never works out.  While I’m grateful to God that Emmett okay, a break wouldn’t have been bad either.


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Ellen Moncure

My brother shoved corn in his ear…no complaints until it started “itching” after a week of being in there! Hospital ride and no more corn. By the way…he had tubes in his ears so it was full blown surgery to extract it and re-do the tubes! Glad to hear the bird has been set free!

Lynda Stacy-Visyak

Now that’s funny shit! Thanks for the laugh Emmett!

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