So much for my break :(

The boys have with their Mom tonight and that means I get the next 24 hours off. 

Unfortunately, while I was in my room writing this afternoon, Emmett walked and told me he doesn’t want to go. 

I don’t think Emmett has ever not wanted to go to see his Mom. 

His not wanting to go, turned into refusing to go and that led to the meltdown we’ve been having on/off for the last 90 minutes. 😳

I spoke with his Mom about what was going on and we both agreed not to force him. He freaked out when asked if he would speak with her on the phone.  


I’m at a complete loss. 

In an even weirder twist, is actually excited to go see his Mom. Elliott’s been the one that has not wanted to go for the past year and now he and Emmett have flip flopped. 

Emmett won’t say why he doesn’t want to go and talking about it gets him hysterical. 

I’m wondering if maybe he’s not feeling well? That would explain his demeanor at least. 

Autism can truly be a bitch sometimes because Emmett has a difficult time expressing himself, especially if he’s not feeling well. 

So much for my break.  I guess we’ll try again in 2 weeks.  😫

Truthfully, it’s not like I was going to be doing anything anyways and I’m happy to be there for my Emmett.  

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  • Darcyd

    I don’t mean to be harsh & I know you don’t want to push your kids because they will have – I get that – my son has one at least every day, but the boys rarely see their mom as it is. Also not to torture mom, but you can deal with meltdowns daily, I think mom should be capable of handling it for a 24 hour period. What if Emmett keeps doing this every time he sees his mom? Than he’ll never see her or learn to handle difficult situations & fix whatever is bothering him about his mom. They need to bond their relationship. Emmett could have turned out to enjoy the time spent with his mom but refused to try. Even with you can’t use that as an excuse.

  • pegster999

    I would go along with that if their mother was healthy. Reality is she’s mentally ill. She’s not able to take on full responsibilities. It’s not fair to Rob to have to have to do it all and it’s sad for the boys. But it is what it is. All that can be done is make what’s possible with what’s available.