We deserve a break…right?

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We may actually be sneaking out to a movie.  🙂

The boys just left a little while ago and before Lizze’s Mom got I to the car to leave, she handed Lizze some cash and told her to go see a movie.  This is really cool. 

I feel guilty going because we are so far behind on the mortgage and car payments. 

With that said, I think Lizze and I deserve a break and in all honesty, breaks like this only happen once or twice a year for us and we don’t always get to take advantage of them.  I also think that it’s important that Lizze and I still date each other and do things as a couple. 

Lizze really wants to see Iron Man 3 and I’m more than okay with that. 

Thank you to our respective parents for making this happen for us today.  🙂


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  • rmagliozzi says:

    You both have definately earned a break. I think you all need a break for every single day of the year, with all you and Lizze deal with.