Temple Touch Thermometer, perfect for your kids with #Autism. Win one now! -

Temple Touch Thermometer, perfect for your kids with #Autism. Win one now!

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AWARD-WINNING! TempleTouch Premium:
– Family friendly, safe and gentle enough to use a on sleeping newborn
– Clinically Accurate (Meets ASTM Accuracy requirements)
– TWO Measurement Locations: Temple AND Underarm
– Instant measurement, only 6 – 8 seconds
– Does not cross-contaminate germs across family members
– Also displays room temperature (see video on how to get a room reading)
– Large and easy to read back-lighted LCD
– Over Dose Protective Timer (ODPT®) helps remind you of your child’s next medicine dose!
– Memory-Recall of the last reading recorded
– Celsius/Fahrenheit scale (see video on how to switch from one to the other) – Simple to operate, no scanning required


Medisim USA, Inc



City, State, Country:

Holly Springs, NC, USA









Brief Company Product Description

The economical, reliable, and non-invasive TempleTouch™ Premium is the world’s only combined thermometer for both temple & underarm measurement.  It is the winner of multiple parenting awards and is so popular that one is sold every second in the US.

Product Description





Where You Can Purchase:

Walgreens, Kroger, Wal*Mart, CVS, or the website



My Review

Any parent can tell you just how important a thermometer is in your day-to-day arsenal against the common cold, various flu’s, and viruses. It’s one of the first things you reach for when your children begin showing signs that all is not well. So it’s vital to have a thermometer from a company that you can trust but also a thermometer, itself, that is reliable and trustworthy. While this seems like it would be an easy goal to accomplish, I’ve spent most of the past 12 years working to fulfill just that.

Enter the Temple Touch Thermometer. I must admit that at first, I wasn’t a fan. Every temperature I took was nearly the same. Regardless of who’s temperature I was taking. I was frustrated and disappointed because I had held such high hopes for this handy little thermometer. Once I sat down and read the instructions and learned what each little beep and little meant, that made all the difference.

After reading the instructions, not only was I able to successfully operate the Temple Touch Thermometer consistently. I was also able to use all of the additional features that come standard on the Temple Touch Thermometer.

I simply cannot state just how cool this thermometer is. The Over Dose Protective Timer (ODPT®) is easy to use and so helpful, especially after those all-nighters without any sleep when you’re having a difficult time remembering your own name. Let alone when the last time you gave them Tylenol or antibiotics.

The Temple Touch Thermometer is so easy to operate as a whole that it’s genius. Honestly, that’s not the best part. The best part is that I can use this thermometer on my husband (Mr. Lost and Tired himself) or any of my 3 very sensory picky Boys on the Autism Spectrum without a fight! Seriously, we won’t even mention the nightmares of rectal or oral thermometers. The other temporal thermometers are tricky and intrusive and basically not an option in our household. That leaves the inner ear thermometers. I have lost track of how many times we gone to the pediatrician for ear infections that did not exist because the inner ear thermometers caused my Boys so much pain.

We do not have any of those issues with The Temple Touch Thermometer. It is safe, reliable and approved by my 3 Boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder, my husband and I. I easily give it “two thumbs up” and would recommend it to my friends, family members and, of course, you, my loyal readers. 😉

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