Waffles and Garlic Bread: It’s what’s for dinner

Waffles and Garlic Bread: It’s what’s for dinner

Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m willing to do to get my kids to eat dinner.  As many of you out there are familiar with, feeding a kid on the Autism Spectrum can be difficult.

As a parent that really tries to feed my kids healthy foods, I hate making some of the compromises I have to in order to get them to eat.

I suppose it’s a lesser of two evils kinda thing.  Sigh….

Last night, I tried several different things before stumbling on this delicious combination. 

Chocolate chip waffles and garlic bread….


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That is different lol I have never seen that combo


AMDuser the last time it was a waffle and chicken Patty sandwich.  🙂

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