How I know my son with #Autism is #Manic -

How I know my son with #Autism is #Manic

I’ve been saying that Gavin is manic for the past few weeks now.  I wanted to share this with you because it will help to better explain the level of disorganization that goes along with him entering a manic phase.

Gavin is by nature and obsession, very organized.  His room is always extremely organized.

Gavin’s room is his Kingdom and everything in his Kingdom has a place when it belongs.  It’s literally unheard of in recent years, that his room looks like this.

The only time this ever happens anymore is when his entered a manic phase and becomes extremely disorganized.

Obviously, this picture may be the norm for many kids Gavin’s age and that certainly doesn’t mean they are manic.  However, in Gavin’s case it does.. Looking at the condition of his room is reflective of his state of mind. 

We see this type of disorganization across the board in Gavin’s life when he’s manic.

Depending on how long he’s manic, his medication may need to be adjusted, in order to stabilize his mood. Otherwise, we just have to wait until he swings back out of it. 

It’s important to note that Gavin’s not distressed when he’s manic.  In fact, he’s often happier despite how his life may appear from the outside. 

I just wanted to share this because people were asking for more information on what it’s like when a child is manic. I felt that this was really insightful and being able to show a picture like this, is like putting a face to a name. 

Please remember that this is a representation of what mania is like for Gavin and should not be taken as a blanket example of what everyone with bipolar disorder goes through. 

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Philippa Connell

It’s nice that you’ve been able to give him his furniture back though – some things do improve 🙂

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