Today’s IVIG Infusion @AkronChildrens (05/08/2013): Prepped and Vital’d

For starters, yes, I know vital’d isn’t a word but I like it anyway and it fit the title.  🙂

The process of getting here today was not without its bumps. For starters, Gavin had fast food for breakfast and that combined with the stop and go traffic on the way to the Hospital is not a good thing. 

Lizze suggested using a red light, yellow light and green light for Gavin to convey how he’s feeling.  Great idea because Gavin struggles with expressing or articulating things like that normally. 

If I ask Gavin how he’s feeling, he says green light  if he’s feel fine, yellow light  if he’s starting to feel sick and red light if he’s feeling really bad.  Keeping it simple like this really makes communication much easier and more reliable. 

Of course, when we got to the hospital, I got turned around in the construction traffic and road closures.

What should have been a simple detour was made into a 15 minute traffic nightmare because I missed a turn off.  🙁

Thankfully, Gavin held up well and didn’t have too many problems.  His heart rate was concerning but he was relatively asymptomatic.  Thank God. 

We finally made it, albeit 20 minutes late. 

Having said that, Gavin did great with getting his vitals and being prepped for the infusion. 

Now we just have to wait until his meds kick in before they get the IV started.


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