Accepting the not so ideal solution

Today might not go bad we had originally planned.  We’re supposed to be at the Cleveland Clinic today but unfortunately, Gavin didn’t go to school because of the reaction he’s having to yesterday’s IVIG infusion.

Gavin’s currently at home with us. 

He’s got a headache and is sleepy.  These are both common side effects of IVIG, albeit new for him.

Getting Lizze to this appointment is vital in our quest to get her better. 

The plan right now is to let Gavin rest and if he feels better, he’ll go to my parents house.  My Mom with get Elliott from school and we will simply take Emmett with us to Cleveland. 

It’s not ideal, by a long shot. 

However, in order to ensure everyone’s best interest, we much be flexible and accept the not so ideal solution.


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