Bizarre behavior -

Bizarre behavior

Gavin was freaking out last night. Apparently,  he had accidentally changed the time on his watch while trying to turn the backlight on.

Elliott came and got me,  because I could hear him from downstairs.

I called Gavin down to find out what was wrong.  He explained about the watch.  I told him to relax and I could fix it.  No big deal.  He said thanks Dad, and went back upstairs. 

A short while later, Elliott came and got me again.  Apparently, Gavin was sobbing and yelling at himself.  This had Elliott freaked out. 

I ran upstairs to see what was wrong. 

Gavin was extremely upset that he has accidentally messed up the time on his watch. When I say upset,  I mean really,  really upset.

It was really weird.

I told him not to worry and to go to bed. He eventually did just that.  I don’t know what was behind this.  Perhaps he was overwhelmed by the previous appointment with Dr.  Patti.

Either way,  it was just bizarre as I’ve not seen him like that before.

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My son has never yelled at himself, but will cut himself down when he's frustrated.  He will exhibit bizarre behavior when his autoimmune thing kicks up. Next time he's doing this, check his heart rate and blood pressure. It could be that something is physically off, and restricting blood flow to a certain area of his brain, or he could be on the verge of having a dysautonomic episode. Or he could have been tired and overloaded.


@rmagliozzi Gavin yells at himself all the time. The weird part is he refers to himself in the 3rd person.


sounds like a build up of stress throughout the serious of events lead to a total crack in his patience with a simple little thing. probably tired and overloaded he just lost it about the watch. even "typical" people can only take so much so i think a combination of all that has been going on and being over tired, all these changes, dr appoints, back to school…. "ARRGH too much!!!! darn watch i cant do anything right" sort of crack. a good sleep and a gentle chat or a distraction from the watch might settle him back down.


 @DeeBrake He wasn't worried about it this morning. 


Chloe here: to me this sounds like overload or an autism meltdown…. But not sure.


 @Chloe123 You're the only Chloe we know 🙂 Yes I agree, I think he was overwhelmed and we were seeing more typical Autism or Aspie stuff. 


 @lostandtired Sometimes I even get like this, so overloaded, and tired etc. that I just need to cry, and rest. 


Maybe he is as upset with the situation as you are? Has he talked about feelings of failure on not being able to connect or am I reading to much into this?


 @MicheleChaney I think you're reading too much into this. However, I think he was just really frustrated. He doesn't remember last nights conversation. 


 @lostandtired  @MicheleChaney  Obviously you know your son well, but I thought I'd provide a perspective from my family. It may be completely different from yours, or it may provide some insight, I don't know.  My brother has cerebral palsy, and he pulls the "I don't remember" card frequently. The thing is, over the past 27 years it's become evident that he does remember. 
Now what he remembers, how he remembers it, and when he remembers is completely unknown. He has difficulties communicating, especially about himself. This makes it really hard for us to know what's going on in his head. But… he does remember something. Even when he claims he doesn't.
For what it's worth, he is most likely to say "I don't remember" when the topic is uncomfortable or he's been asked about it frequently. And he will act like he doesn't remember for a long time. Sometimes I think he's actively blocking the memories. Sometimes I think he's ignoring them. Sometimes I think he's just avoiding the topic with others. I wish I knew.
Best of luck.


@Ella @MicheleChaney what great insight. Thank you. You're absolutely right. It's really hard to known what's going on in their heads.

I believe Gavin is the same way. He conveniently forgets things. The reason we get so frustrated, aside from the obvious, is that because of his neurological degradation he is losing memory function. However, how do need know what's what.

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