Endocrinology at the @ClevelandClinic

Thursday afternoon, we will be making our way to the Cleveland Clinic, once again.  This is a very, very important appointment.

At least I think it is.

We will meet with her new endocrinologist and hopefully begin the process of safely addressing what she has going on. 

Bye the way, at the time I spoke about this last, I couldn’t remember what they were calling this whole thing with her.  Turns out it’s called premature ovarian failure. Basically, it’s when her ovaries begin to fail.  They will stop working, as though she’s in menopause but can start right back up again and work just fine.



The reason this is a big deal is because when they stop working, as they have currently and for who knows how long now, her body essentially is in menopause.

While in these not working phases, her body is being damaged. 

This may be the reason for untreatable migraines.  It is the reason for the weight gain, hot flashes and insomnia.  Who knows how much of what she’s been going through in the last two years could be tied to this. 

This is a good thing, at least in theory because there should be some type of treatment. 

The problem is that Lizze can’t take estrogen because of her history of blood clots. 

This is the reason that her OB/GYN will be working in conjunction with her endocrinologist and psychiatrist.  Lizze’s suffers from PTSD (yes, officially diagnosed and confirmed by multiple doctors), anxiety and severe depression. 

Psych will work to help manage the emotional roller coaster that goes along with her hormones being out of whack and help to treat the depression and anxiety. 
All of these areas overlap and it’s going to be pretty complicated but we are building a solid team and I’m really hoping that Lizze will  begin the treatment journey today, with endocrinology. 

I also want to thank Lizze’s Mom for helping out with gas.  With all the driving we’ve been doing lately, we’ve chewed through our fuel budget way too quickly.  Right now, every drop of has is needed. 

I have high hopes for how this is going to go.  Most of the initial blood work is already done so we know what we are dealing with.  Hopefully, we can begin treating this ASAP and get her some desperately needed and well deserved relief.

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Wut. Her ovaries just turn themselves on and off for kicks and giggles, with no damage to them? That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard! You guys have so much crap going on medically and genetically, and to have her ovaries just basically playing with the light switch? What? 
(This is not a comment on you or your family, this is just like a, that is the most random thing ever. You guys have enough going on, and to top it off her ovaries are just randomly dancing around? That doesn’t even make sense!)


@Kate@Kate I have no idea what causes this.  I don’t know if it’s tied to her hysterectomy from 2 years ago, even though her ovaries were left untouched. 

Lizze is adopted so medical history is unknown for the most part.  

Supposedly her biological mother suffered from early menopause but the information is not reliable. 

Here’s a link with a better explanation.  Thank you for your support.  I really appreciate it.  🙂