Our day with Gavin -

Our day with Gavin

With everything going on around me, I forgot to mention what’s been going on with Gavin today. 

Right after our wraparound meeting this morning, I was asked to visit the office and check on Gavin.. He was in the office, miserable due to allergies and problems with his eyes. 

Gavin’s immunologist gave us a script for allergy eye drops on Wednesday but it wasn’t ready and the first chance we had to get it to Gavin was today. 

He was so miserable and has ready been through too much this week, I just brought him home with me. 

We gave him his allergy drops and they seemed to help.

He spent the rest of the morning playing with Emmett. 
Gavin then spent the night because Lizze’s brother graduates from college in the morning and that would not be something fun for Gavin. 

Gavin’s done pretty well today.  We’ve not had any problems with him directly and he’s been really patient with his little brother. 

Hopefully, the rest of his time here will be just as good.  🙂


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