Why #Autism Parenting blogs are SO important

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There are always those people who don’t understand or misunderstand the purpose of this site or my writing style. I wanted to provide some insight into the how’s and why’s because I’ve received a large influx of new readers and I’d like everyone to understand why I do this.

I’m connecting with quite a few families that are just beginning their Autism journey. They’re looking for a path, and I’m able to help provide them with a place to start and sanity as they move forward.

When people are just beginning this journey, they feel very much alone. There are feelings of isolation and that no one understands.

While some may not understand this, Special Needs parents find comfort in knowing they aren’t the only ones depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, imperfect, making mistakes, not knowing what to do or having problems with their marriage or personal relationships with family/friends as a result of the new journey they’ve started.

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When you read this blog, you will read about someone who struggles all the time, makes mistakes and has experienced issues with marriage and other relationships as a result of Autism related stresses. They find someone dealing with Depression, unpaid bills, messy house, kids with major feeding issues or that struggle with wearing clothes. They also find many victories and reasons to celebrate.

It’s for the above reasons that I share things the way I do. It may not always be interesting or uplifting to those outside the Autism community, but for those in the trenches, they find solace.

Reading my personal experiences with Special Needs parenting as well learning about the struggles, heartache, victories and blessing my family has faced and will face, helps them to discover that they aren’t alone.

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There’s no way to overstate how crucial it is to connect with others that get it because they live it. This has always been the main mission of both Lost and Tired (retired) and now The Autism Dad Blog.

Please know that while I can’t always help, I can always listen. Never hesitate to leave a question or comment. You are also free to reach me privately by visiting the contact page as well.